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Auburn Loses Topsoil and GoCycle, Gains Thai Restaurant

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Hugh, Nora, and Source Booksellers have all opened up at the Auburn, but the building's ground floor commercial space hasn't exactly popped since construction wrapped up last November. Now there's bittersweet news from HuffPo Detroit, but mostly bitter: Topsoil, the vegetarian sandwich shop from the owners of Russel Street Deli, isn't moving in. Same goes for the spin studio GoCycle. The only retailer not running away from the Auburn? The Birmingham Thai food joint Sy Thai is opening a zippier version of itself known as Go! Sy Thai, which the owner grossly describes as Sy Thai meets Qdoba. In the most underwhelming news ever, an art gallery an a pet food store are also mentioned as potential new tenants.
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The Auburn

Cass Ave. and Canfield St., Detroit, MI