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Sherwood Forest Home Sits Atop A Bizarre Tropical Secret

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[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

Sandwiched between Palmer Park and Livernois, things are quiet on the winding streets of Sherwood Forest. Sherwood's close-knit design might lend itself to nosy neighbors, but could they have possibly known what's hiding behind this unassuming, mid-century facade?

Most Sherwood Forest homes were built in the 1920s or '30s, but this gem crashed the party in 1950. Featuring a generous use of pink paint, mirrors and holographic wallpaper, this four-bedroom asks $159K and needs some updating, to say the least. Yet that doesn't explain the basement, which begins with a large painting of a topless dancer greeting guests at the foot of the stairs. Things only get better from there, as every bit of wall not covered in faux bamboo features a painting meant to replicate some sort of island motif. This means guests must endure a gauntlet of monkeys, palm trees and nipples, thus guaranteeing they'll be in a drinking mood by the time they reach the bar. It's just behind that bar, however, where you'll find the greatest painting of all: Wearing a necklace of bottle caps, the queen of the bar appears ready to enjoy a delicious hotdog.
· 19595 Renfrew [Zillow]