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VLNTNSDYMRKT: Festive Shopping in an Old Service Station

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Forty local vendors are offering all sorts of merchandise at VLNTNSDYMRKT, happening right now at the old service station on Michigan and 17th. The event is a production of Lisa Waud, who plans on opening the floral/garden shop Pot & Box in the service station after renovations are complete. But for now, we get to shop with local staples like City Bird and Great Lakes Coffee, as well as smaller vendors offering everything from homemade pickles to handmade underwear. Not only is it great to see this much activity this far west on Michigan Avenue, but the contrast of Pot & Box's colorful bouquets against the building's worn interior should aid in understanding Lisa's soon-to-be-realized dream of opening a floral shop in an old gas station. It's open until 7pm this evening. We recommend a visit.
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