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Blighted Hamtramck Bungalow Enjoys a $250K Remod

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Solar panels aren't exactly commonplace within Hamtramck's housing stock, but this bungalow is now an exception. Just last May, this particular house could've easily been filed away under "blight." Not only was there a hole in the roof, but broken windows had made the place a favorite hangout for Pigeons. Over the following 8 months, some major cash from the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program II allowed for a futuristic remod, dreamt up by local design team Design 99 and constructed by Hughes and Lynn Renovation. Come see what a $250,000 rehab can do.

While the roof, siding and deck were replaced, it was the home's interior that got the majority of the attention. New electric and plumbing systems were installed, the kitchen cabinets and appliances upgraded, and wood floors were refinished. Designers even had the stairwell moved the the house's center in order to improve the overall layout.
Beyond the six solar panels on the roof, specially-designed windows facing the backyard are meant to maximize the amount of heat and sunlight entering the home. That, coupled with extensive insulation and passive, thermal-mass heating in the floors make this house as energy-efficient as possible.
It's important to note that this house is a result of the R-22 lawsuit, in which Hamtramck was order to provide 200 new or refurbished housing units after being found guilty discrimination in targeting black neighborhoods for demolition in the 1960s. This is one of those 200 houses, which will be sold to plantiffs for its appraised value of $70,000. The Hamtramck Review does a good job explaining that lawsuit here.

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