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Home Near Boston-Edison for the Price of a Snickers Bar

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Here's an interesting example of the infamously tricky Dollar Deals of Detroit. As always, we must point out that no home is actually just one dollar, as simply transferring the property requires some cash. Most dollar menu properties owe the city for all sorts of previous bills/fines, not to mention any back taxes accumulating for who knows how long. That being said, this five-bedroom near Boston Edison appears better than most. The listing declares that no taxes are owed and WDWOT's handy tax status map seems to verify that. All we know is that this one "needs work," which likely means "needs pipes/electric/thousands of dollars." We'll take that Snickers.
Update (11:49 a.m): The home owner tells us this one has sold for an undisclosed amount.
· 621 Clairmount [Zillow]