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A Taste of the Castle Lofts: Details, Photos, and Floor Plans

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We scored a tour of the western half of the 113-year old Grand River Station, which will soon open its doors as the Castle Lofts. Management tells us that the eastern half isn't ready for viewing quite yet, so our prying eyes were confined to the western building's three multi-level lofts. Just ahead, we'll bring you some details, prices, and floor plans, which do wonders to help understand what exactly is going on inside.

The western half of the building was originally built a carriage house, allowing lucky horses to live within the confines of some spectacular Louis Kamper architecture. The ground level is now home to heated indoor parking and the building's new workout facility. The three lofts on this side are all tall and narrow, with their levels connected via spiral staircases. The tallest of the units goes three stories high, topping out with a lonely bathroom in the attic. These units will range from $850 to $1725. These units will be available sometime in March.

[Above photography by Nick Hagen]

While the materials used are high quality, the interior renovations didn't achieve much in terms of preservation. The white spiral staircases and jacuzzi tubs are better suited for a timeshare in Orlando than a beautiful old police station. That being said, the dramatic rooflines, irregular layouts, and exposed brick do much to negate the damage. Management hasn't been able to provide a solid answer on what kind of condition Grand River Station was in previously, who designed/funded the renovations, or how long ago they were completed. Here are the photos from our original post:

The eastern side of the building, which we plan on touring sometime soon, is said to contain several bedrooms that will share common areas and can be rented out individually. Details on those units are still up in the air, but we know their rental rates start at $550/month.

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