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Roasting Plant's Terrific Space in the First National Building

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[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

Rows of pneumatic tubes whisking beans across the store is an endlessly entertaining process, and it leads to some incredible coffee. But the Javabot isn't what makes Detroit newcomer Roasting Plant a favorite. It's simply a very enjoyable place to spend some time. The biggest battle in coffeeshops is always seating, as that's what separates patrons into winners (up by the front windows) and losers (the dark corner by the restrooms). This design avoids all of that -- One side of the store is a prime vantage point from which to view the goings-on at Campus Martius, while the opposite side offers a view of the bustling lobby of the First National Building. There's not a bad seat to be found, nor a restroom to be stuck next to (you'll have to head into the First National Building for that). We also love the dedicated revolving door, which gives the place some urban cred while keeping the cold outside.
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First National Building

660 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226