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An Alluring Bi-Level Loft Very Close to Campus Martius

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Another day, another tantalizing loft on Woodward Avenue. This one is even farther south--as far south as Woodward residential space goes, really. We're talking about the Lofts at Merchants Row, which are angled towards the luxury market. Assuming this is the "Z" Unit listed on the website, this one contains three bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as granite countertops. We're not that thrilled with the lemon meringue color scheme happening here, but this location easily trumps any iffy aesthetics. The rent is $2,500/month, with a total square footage of 2,061.
· 1247 Woodward [Craigslist]
· Lofts of Merchants Row [Official]

The Lofts of Merchants Row

1437 Woodward, Detroit, Michigan 48226