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After Extreme Renovations, NBC Building Opening Soon

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Buit in 1923, New Center's NBC building used to be a giant bakery for Nabsico (hence the name, NaBisCo, or National Biscuit Company). After a long period of vacancy, the NBC was purchased by U-Haul last summer (it had been listed at $2.25M) and has since been going all-out, both in terms of renovations and an accompanying social media campaign. Overwhelming U-Haul YouTube vids aside, the building is looking fabulous. According to Detroit Unspun, Several feet of water were pumped out of the basement, stairways restored to their original grandeur, and 27-foot-tall cathedral windows repaired. U-Haul is hinting that the top floors might be up for mixed-use purposes sometime down the road, but for now they're concentrating on opening as a full-service moving center sometime this year.
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