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One of the Priciest Listings in Detroit: The Temple Hotel

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While the cinderblock wall around the front yard is a nice touch, the Temple Hotel is no Ritz-Carleton. That doesn't mean that the owners aren't looking to attract someone with cash money to burn. With an ask of $3.7M, this "residential hotel" is on what it believes to be some primo real estate across Temple Street from the potential arena site, and that has made it one of the most expensive properties in the city (#3 on Trulia, top 20 on Loopnet). And how many Red Wings fans could this little place hold? It boasts 30 "efficiencies" that must be very, very efficient as 12,000 total square feet leaves less than 400 square feet for each of them. What would you like to see happen with this place, commenters? Bed and breakfast/boutique hotel is an obvious choice, but we hear a B&B hotel across from a sporting venue isn't the best business plan--just ask 97 Winder, the struggling B&B across the street from Comerica Park asking $2.5M.
· 72 Temple [Century 21]