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Some Inexplicable Photography From the Ellington Lofts

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The Ellington Lofts are the expensive, glassy apartments above Starbucks, yet this listing doesn't seem to be getting the treatment you'd expect from a realtor looking to sell a $250K property. This two-bathroom should have hardwood floors, granite countertops and a ton of windows that might overlook Woodward Avenue. Instead, we have images of some dusty bedroom corners, as well as a few photos of some random furnishings that could've been taken by a burglar casing the joint for a later robbery. We're used to inexplicably bad photography from under-enthused agents, but here's a gallery aspires to something even more—or less.
· 3670 Woodward #505 [Trulia]

The Ellington Lofts

3670 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Mi 48201