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Whole Foods Tells Us the Exact Minute It Will Open Up

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According to a press release issued this morning, Detroit's most important day ever will be on June 5, specifically at 9:00 a.m., when the new Whole Foods throws open its doors and begins the great experiment of putting a chain grocery store in Detroit. Larry Austin, former manager of the West Bloomfield location, will be the store's first manager. Having received so many incentives to open up here, there's a bit of pressure on Larry and the overall store not to screw it up somehow. Ideally, most Detroiters would like it to raise real estate values (but not too much), bring new residents to Detroit (but not "hipsters"), and make money (without putting Ye Olde Bucher Shoppe out of business). Naturally, we'll be tailgating this event in order to bring you some live pics of the chaos and wonder that'll be taking place.
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Whole Foods Detroit

Mack Ave and John R St., Detroit, MI 48201