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The OC Getting Fussy Over Abandoned Bloomfield Park Site

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Detroit doesn't have all the grand real estate ruins: Head to the Bloomfield Twp-Pontiac border to witness the "apocalyptic landscape" of the Bloomfield Park debacle. The story goes something like this: After assembling 80 acres on Telegraph Road, Developer Craig Schubiner got to work on a $2-billion development. Plans originally included a luxury hotel, an 11-screen movie theatre, up to 80 storefronts, over 1000 residences, and more office space than the Ren Cen. Naturally, the money train derailed with the recession in 2008, leaving behind a series of parking garages and angry, unpaid contractors. These days, Oakland County officials and Pontiac's emergency manager are desperately searching for private developers willing to turn "Stonehenge" into a viable development. Until then, we can think of at least one creative use for such a large, abandoned parking structure.
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