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Charred Pile of Mexicantown Garbage Wants $200K

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Spilling out over the corner of West Vernor and Hubbard, the charred skeleton of an old storefront is simultaneously one of Mexicantown's most expensive listings and biggest eyesores. The property's asking price has been stuck at $200K for a few years now--even the original building's complete destruction last November resulted in the alteration of just one sentence in this stand-out listing: "DEMOLITION REQUIRED, ADJOINING PARCELS AVAILABLE" was switched to "STRUCTURED DESTROYED BY FIRE & NEEDS DEBRI REMOVED." Despite the agent's savvy marketing ("the value is in the land!"), we're likely stuck with this pile of rubbish until some third party intervenes to clean it up, or Detroit becomes capable of enforcing blight ordinance.
· 4000 W Vernor [Trulia]