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Building/Synagogue Tagged, Detroit Graffiti Artist Speaks Out

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The Graffiti-er (artist is not a term we're keen to throw around) fond of spraying All I Ever Wanted everywhere recently tagged 30 Clifford, as well as the Isaac Agree Synagogue across the street. According to actual Detroit graffiti artist Shades (who posted the above image), this violates the graffiti code of leaving occupied/maintained structures paint-free. "There's a right and wrong...someone paints the side of a business that hasn't even opened and a man has put his hard earned dollars into...the revitalization of #detroit," wrote Shades on his Instagram. This building is a bit of a movie star, having played the Shelter in 8 Mile , a liquor store in Transformers, and was blown up in Red Dawn though it's unnecessary cash owners must shell out before it eventually opens up as a bar.
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