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Gilbert's Federal Reserve Building Has New Retail Rendering

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Behold! The future of Detroit's Federal Reserve Bank Building is here. Dan Gilbert added the Fed to his skyscraper stash in early 2012, but this retail-centric rendering is the first new info we've seen. It looks like design duties will be handed to ROSSETTI Architects, whose Downtown work includes the Compuware Building, Greektown Casino, and the garish renovations within the Chase Tower. They'll be in charge of carving out a new glass entrance and extending the tall windows down to ground level. Let us not overlook the Fed's eight-story glass and marble annex, designed by Minoru Yamaski in 1951. Whether or not ROSSETTI will be let loose upon that building is unknown, though ROSSETTI says that new tenants are expected this summer. Also worth noting: Gilbert's all-time favorite shopping destination, Urban Outfitters, has found a spot in yet another Bedrock rendering.
· ROSSETTII Architects [Official]

Federal Reserve Building

160 W. Fort St. , Detroit , MI 48226