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E&B Brewery Lofts Have a Couple of Enticing Openings

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When the E&B Brewery Lofts in Eastern Market came online in 1970, they were some of the first residential loft spaces opened in Detroit. The building itself—formerly the Eckhardt & Becker Brewery—dates all the way back to 1891. The building is one of the tallest in Eastern Market, giving you a great vantage point from which to watch the frenzy taking place every Saturday, but look below ground to find another terrific amenity: the Red Bull House of Art is in the basement. Interested? Here are two lofts available in this building right now:

? Corner unit! Loft 208 comes with 1,800 square feet of loftage, an oversized bedroom, walk-in closet, and that lofted storage space you see above the kitchen/bathroom. Rent: $1,150/month. [Craigslist]

?This one is both smaller and slightly classier, at least in the kitchen and bath regions. High-end appliances and granite counters for the former, two-person "European style" glass shower in the latter. Coming in at 1,200 square feet, this one runs $1,450/month. [Craigslist]