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More Kahn, Less Cash: Three Cheap Apartments in New Center

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Nearly every one of the attractive apartment buildings on the first couple blocks of New Center's Seward Street is slated for renovation within the next few years, while the M-1 Rail will eventually provide a transit option for those working downtown. Hence, we see values in this area rising quite a bit, so why not get in before everyone gets wise? Renovated in the year 2000, Gramont Manor consistently has two or three units for sale at low, low prices. And that doesn't seem right, especially for an Albert Kahn-designed building. Whether you're looking for a new home, an investment opportunity, or both--here are three Albert Kahn units on the cheap.

? Unit 103
Price: $22,000
SF: 550
Bed/Bath: 1/1
This first one-bedroom may not be a looker, but it's obvious that some new carpet or paint would go a long way in making this unit shine. Quite a big kitchen.

? Unit 406
Price: $20,000
SF: 800
Bed/Bath: 2/1
This is definitely the best of this bunch. Great condition, two bedrooms, and this is one of the "sunroom" layouts that Gramont Manor features. This one is a short sale.

? Unit 404
Price: $16,900
SF: 732
Bed/Bath: 1/1
If you want a bit of a project, this unit comes cheap but seems to need more work than the others. No sunroom, but some large windows on the building's top floor.

· 120 Seward #103 [Trulia]
· 120 Seward #406 [Trulia]
· 120 Seward #404 [Trulia