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Sherbrooke Manor Reveals a Restoration Done the Right Way

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In what was billed as its "grand reopening," Midtown's Sherbrooke Manor revealed its fresh new renovations and floor plans. Lured by the potential for free wine, we headed over for a few quick photos of ol' Sherbrooke, which served as student housing for Wayne State until 2008. Luckily, Sherbrooke made its way into the hands of seasoned Detroit developer Elisabeth Knibbe, who purchased the battered building in July. Featuring an interior both new and restored, Sherbrooke Manor adds some high-end housing stock to Midtown's eclectic inventory. The building's original hardwood and terrazzo floors are both still intact, adding a touch of authenticity to the gleaming interiors. From stainless appliances to granite countertops, these apartments were built to last. The Sherbrooke was originally built in the 1920s as a 6-unit luxury apartment building, but but a 1950s conversion to student housing left the layout at a cramped 25 units. We shudder to think what historic detail was lost in that remod, but the Sherbrooke's new 14-unit layout feels just right. Pricing starts at $1,150 for a one-bedroom, and ranges from $1400-$1600 for two. Further leasing info can be found with Center City Properties at (313)-782-4056.
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