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PR Firm Opens Downtown Office in a Building Full of Sand

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Lambert, Edwards & Associates is a Grand Rapids PR firm that just opened a 12-person office in downtown Detroit. That's good, if not relatively mundane news, so we'll spare you a yet another copy/pasting of the overwhelmingly perky press release and stick to the weird details: The office space, which is in a small building at the intersection of Grand River and Broadway, was "previously filled with sand." No further details are given on the sand. Second, the new tenants spent $1.1M "building out" the 8,668-square-foot space. Keep in mind, this is a relatively modern building. Aside from sand abatement, those funds appear to have been spent on plastering Detroit sports memorabilia on every every surface and converting the conference room to a pretend locker room. It's now called the "Locker Room." Completing the office's "professional cool" aesthetic is a "real-life race car," which is covered in stickers.
UPDATE: This time lapse Youtube vid reveals far more about the interior work.
· Official Press Release [LE&A]