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Detroit Real Estate Expert Ryan Cooley Will Take Your Q's

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Welcome to Curbed Open Threads, where we bring you a local expert each Friday in March to pepper with your most burning real estate inquiries. Leave your questions in the comments, and said expert will answer the best ones by the following Monday.

We're back with Open Threads: Part Deux. Today's guest: Ryan Cooley of O'Connor Realty, located in the green storefront next to Slows (partially owned by his brother Phil). A former banking vice president, Ryan lived in Chicago for 10 years, where he financed more than $100 million a year, with a specialization in real estate development. He decided to return to Detroit in 2004 to open O'Connor Realty and Development, focusing on the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Detroit. In short, he knows his shit. Bring on your real estate/development/neighborhood questions in the comments.