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New Home, Old Hood: $325K for a Great Spot in Corktown

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[Images via Stylish Detroit]Buying a house in Corktown often means investing in a structure at least a century old, which can come with a whole pile of money-burning surprises. That's where this youthful, 7-year-old home shines. Nestled right in Corktown's core, this prime location on Bagley is just steps from St. CeCe's Pub. You'll find that perk reflected in the $325K asking price, but you're also getting 3,600 square feet of house here. How one squeezes just three bedrooms out of that much square footage is a mystery, as is the nauseating wall decor in the living room. We'll let the pics do the rest of the talking.
· 1329 BAGLEY ST [City Living Detroit]