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U-Haul's Revitalized Nabisco Building Nearing the Home Stretch

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[Images via U-Haul's Detroit Blog]

There are some updates on the rehab of New Center's Nabisco building, which was adopted last summer by U-Haul. While work at the Nabisco started dramatically—fixing huge cathedral windows and removing a lake from the basement, for example—things have become far more tame. The old paint is being scraped from the stairwells to make way for a new coat, motion-sensing lighting has gone up, and hundreds new storage units are being installed. That doesn't mean the challenges aren't still there—installing a simple bathroom fan required core-drilling through seven floors of concrete to vent from the roof—but there are professionals for things like that. U-Haul plans to open the Nabisco building as a moving and storage center sometime later this year.
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