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MotorCity Wine Will Complete Corktown's Alcohol Trifecta With Takeover Of Express Bar

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It was only a matter of time: In less than a year, Michigan Avenue has lured Batch Brewery, Two James Distillery, and now MotorCity Wine. According to Model D, MotorCity Wine will be taking over the space currently occupied by Express Bar, giving us yet another grand opening to look forward to in Corktown.

Express has been on the market for a while, previously asking something close to $250,000. The bar's current interior is what one might expect from any dive bar (see a 360 degree view here) but MotorCity Wine owners David and Melissa Armin-Parcells plan on beginning renovations while sorting out the details of transferring their liquor license. The new property's best feature might just be its immense patio space, which will also get a facelift. Though the move means vacating their cozy space on just above Foran's Grand Trunk Pub on Woodward, the bar/boutique will remain in place through the summer while renovations are completed in Corktown.
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