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New Cars for DPD: What You'll Soon See on Detroit's Streets

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Earlier today, Mayor Bing announced that Detroit's "corporate community" is donating a total of $8M to equip the city with 100 new police cars and 23 new ambulances. Though the donations come largely from corporations with headquarters located Downtown and through the Downtown Detroit Partnership, Mayor Bing went out of his way to make clear that Downtown is not the focus of these new cars. "This isn't about Downtown, this isn't about Midtown, this about the neighborhoods," Bing said. Since Midtown is covered by the independent and super-effective Wayne State Police, it's probably best these new cars aren't headed there. Either way, the vehicles give the Detroit Police Department their first redesign in years, so let's check out (and vote on) the cars hitting the streets of Detroit in 60-90 days.

Donors include: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; Chrysler Group, LLC; Ford Motor Company; General Motors Company; Quicken Loans, Inc.; The Kresge Foundation; Penske Corporation; and Platinum Equity, LLC.

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