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Millender Center Apartments Picked Up By Village Green

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Downtown Detroit's Millender Center has been purchased by the massive management company known as Village Green, the guys behind Detroit City Apartments. Sporting its very own People Mover stop, adjacent parking garage, and skywalk to the Ren Cen, Millender Center is a huge score for Village Green in Detroit's cramped residential market. That's probably why they've had execs not-so-stealthily scouting the place since at least last October. Exactly how much cash VG needed to drop to get this building is unclear, but the company certainly didn't hesitate to let us know that the building will be seeing some major changes—even a name change—in the very near future.

Built in 1985, the Millender Center has 338 one and two-bedroom apartments they're calling "luxury," though commenters/photos tell us that could be a stretch. Either way, VG has some major plans to upgrade Millender's units while adding (or just upgrading, we're not sure) a thirty-third floor region they're breathlessly calling Sky Park. What is a Sky Park, you ask? Outdoor everything, that's what! Gourmet kitchen—outside! Fireplace, movie theatre, water feature—all outside!

See, the thing about Village Green is that they love all that is tacky. Remember Curbed's tour of Detroit City Apartments? Owned by Village Green, Detroit City also features a Sky-something. While the building's apartments are nice, you'll find the walls, floors, furniture, and windows of common areas are surreal at best, Alice-in-Wonderland-nauseating at worst. Will Millender Center avoid a similar gaudy makeover of faux foliage? It's all in the hands of Village Green now.
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