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Sans Electricity, Bagger Dave's Calls it Quits 'til Summer

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Restoration work on the future home of Bagger Dave's Legendary Burger Tavern has been officially delayed until summer, apparently due to the structure being old and without electricity. We are, however, told to look forward to a restored limestone facade and an expansive skylight above a second-floor bar when the restaurant opens in October. The news isn't good at the Buffalo Wild Wings in the adjacent Oddfellows Building, either: Diversified Restaurant Holdings (parent company to both restaurants) has given up on relocating their corporate offices to the building's third floor, possibly because working just above America's largest B-Dubs might be miserable. Or awesome. But probably miserable.
New info from Nicole Rupersberg of Model D: "The power grid on the block can't handle the addition (the dated infrastructure being the power grid, not the building) and they basically have to run their own separate electrical into the building. In effect, making their own power grid. Not cheap."
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