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Zoning Change Granted For a Wine Bar in a Midtown Alley

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[Renderings and Photos via Alley Wine]

It may have taken well over a year, but Alley Wine finally has zoning approval from the city. Owners David Knapp and Lynne Savino are planning a secretive wine bar built out of a dilapidated garage, accessible only via the Alexandrine/Selden alley west of Second Avenue. Using the garage will likely require a build-out/renovation, but the renderings promise us a bar that is both intriguing and unusual. According to their website, the initial bar hours would be 3:00pm to 12:00am, Tuesday through Sunday. Alley Wine participated in the 2011 Hatch competition, but it eventually lost out on the $50,000 grant to Hugh, another Midtown business just a few blocks away.
· Alley Wine [Official]