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Gilbert the Great Conjures Up Retail For Downtown Detroit

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What a day. Dan Gilbert let loose a torrent of information during his Downtown Master Plan Variety Show this afternoon, though most pedestrian-related design ideas were already out in the open this morning (check back here to review). But the retail! We were expecting a downpour of new retailers to be announced, but it was really closer to one big ball of hail called Papa Joe's.

Big Papa is setting up in 15,000 square feet of the First National Building, which means some major work will be done within. Moosejaw signed a long-term lease, finally ending that annoying bit of teasing they've been doing since December, while a new ice cream store and salon are also on deck. Other things to look forward to: some sort of "prepared food market" in Cadillac Square, as well as re-announcing that the Z-Lot would be covered in graffiti, on purpose.
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