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David Whitney 2014: Restored Facade and Comfort Food

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We're happy to bring you some confirmed factoids on the David Whitney project, which (as we're sure you've heard) started up just this morning. We're looking at an $82 million undertaking here, but it sounds like the money is being well spent. Developers aren't just bringing the Whitney back to life, they're restoring architectural details lost in a misguided 1959 modernization. The exterior cornices will return, while restoration work is done on the iconic David Whitney sign up top. Also a new restaurant, featuring " a modern approach to American comfort foods." American comfort food is far from rare in Detroit, but the Whitney's hypnotic grandeur is such that a restaurant could serve microwaved Hot Pockets and still draw us in. Estimated completion date: July 2014.

David Whitney Building

1 Park Avenue, , MI 48226