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Curbed University Will Soon Be Back in Session

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From cheap churches to discounted skyscrapers, Detroit's real estate scene can feel more like a flea market than a place for serious, smart investment. Curbed Detroit is here to help. After a few semesters off, we're about to begin a major update and expansion of our Curbed University section. The goal: compile a go-to real estate guide stuffed with non-boring, Detroit-specific advice for navigating these murky waters. That's where we turn to you, readers and commenters: What do you think would do the most good? Tell us in the comments or hit the tipline as we'll be rolling out updates throughout March and April. We'd love to know what you'd love to know. As always, your input, tips, and readership are much appreciated. Are you a seasoned real estate veteran looking to help? Drop us an email.