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Church Could Make an Awesome Mid-Century Modern Abode

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The Woodbridge Star, a seven-bedroom B&B hit the market a month ago asking an unbelievable $199,000. While we were busy salivating over the house's sandstone accents and whimsical turrets, several observant commenters pointed out something that the listing didn't: The house is connected to a church. In turn, we're now pointing out that the church is also on the market, with an ask of $124,900. Its exterior architecture doesn't match up to that of the Star next door (what does?), but we've got some cool interior shots worth looking at. "Currently being used as a church," says the listing, as though the function of a big, chocolate-colored edifice featuring stained glass windows might be unclear. It then implores buyers to turn the church's "awesome" mid-century modern designing into the coolest home ever, and we'll be damned if they didn't get us with those interior photos. Built in 1966, this church has 2000 square feet and a balcony. The nature of the connection to the Woodbridge Star isn't exactly clear (perhaps a set of locked doors?) and we're not thrilled with the exterior, but we can't look at all that wooden interior space without beginning to plan a layout. What would you do once all the crucifixes and pews were removed?
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