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Gilbert's Ideas Could Work Especially Well in Greektown

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Dan Gilbert has been officially approved by the State Gaming Board to purchase Greektown Casino. So what happens now? Rock Ventures CEO Matt Cullen has said they want to "Open the casino up," while he and Gilbert have spoken about their ideas for urban casino design, which involve glassy, transparant facades that promote a community connection. With that in mind, Greektown seems like the perfect purchase for Gilbert. Unlike most freestanding casinos, Greektown's design embeds it within the infrastructure of the surrounding neighborhood. With its own People Mover Station (that'll eventually connect to M1), skywalks zigzagging across the streets, and a walkable interior corridor of storefronts, Gilbert's Greektown could be a microcosm of his aspirations for downtown Detroit as a whole—connected, accessible, and pedestrian friendly.
· State approves Dan Gilbert's purchase of Greektown [MLive]

Greektown Casino & Hotel

555 E Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226