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Cass Corridor Welcomes New Makerspace: Ocelot Print Shop

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This post was authored by Alexis Zimberg. The Cass Corridor (a.k.a. Lower Midtown, depending on who you ask) welcomes its newest makerspace: the Ocelot Print Shop. Ocelot is a for-profit printmakers collective which will offer printing courses, retail products, fill custom orders, and connect creatives with the tools and skills necessary to make their ideas tangible. Bringing with them plenty of obscenely heavy machinery, co-founders Kinga Osz-Kemp, Stacey Malasky and Bayard Kurth lucked out when they found the 1,000 square foot, industrial-floored space at 3535 Cass Avenue.

Hidden within the Cass Corridor Neighborhood Development Corporation (CCNDC) offices, the open-style warehouse offers concrete pad floors (strong enough to support their heavy equipment), a drive-up loading dock, and a small side-room with a floor drain and tiled walls--perfect for washing out messy screens. And sandwiched between local businesses like The Hub, the Burton Theatre (aka Cass City Cinema), and Canine to Five, they could hardly ask for better neighbors. The building was, reportedly, a former Salvation Army treatment facility for male addicts. Ocelot's opening day is slotted for June 1st.