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Detroit's Best Train Station Views For Sale at Old Warehouse

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View from the office space.
View from the office space.

[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

It doesn't get any closer than this: an old warehouse just across the street from the south side of Corktown's iconic ruin. As far as we can tell, this 1924 building was originally designed for the postal service, which would've seen its station-side location advantageous. Either way, regular occupancy over the years has left the warehouse as one of the most well-kept industrial spaces we've ever come across. Take a tour of what's currently a warehouse for APAC Paper, but what others see as a future opportunity for some station-side lofts.

The cavernous warehouse is 128,282 square feet and up to three stories high. Like the Packard Plant, the warehouse was overbuilt of reinforced concrete, making them strong enough to support all sorts of build-out plans. Also like the Packard Plant, this warehouse is home to an old RV, though this one was neither on fire nor anywhere near the roof. While the warehouse space is about as exciting as warehouse space can be, there's fun to be had in the office space on the top floor. Love it or hate it, the Michigan Central Station views found on that floor are breathtaking.

Like all gigantic old industrial spaces, the warehouse is one of those buildings in which you involuntarily find yourself re-imagining every unique space as some sort of over-the-top amenity. The rooftop—practically the size of a soccer field—could be a roofdeck, or a garden—hell, why not a massive dance floor? The narrow lane leading to the loading docks? A giant deck, perhaps. Who knows? The warehouse has potential, it has location, and it has the view. Now it just needs someone with the imagination to get it done. Oh, and the cash, too. The ask is at $699,000.
· 1800 18th Street [Colliers International]