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Detroit's Nameless New Border Crossing Gets the Fed Go-Ahead

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It's happening—probably! Detroit's presidential permit for a new border crossing received the go-ahead from the US State Department. That means we're allowed to start setting up construction, despite Matty Moroun's ongoing lawsuit seeking to halt NITC while he finishes that twin span he stupidly started. The bridge's US terminus will be constructed on 180 acres of Delray, SW Detroit's largely abandoned neighborhood known for its stinky air and unchecked pollution. It seems our Canadian counterparts have been calling the bridge the DRIC this whole time, so officials are expected to select a name that reflects some sort of broad aspect of US-Canada lovin'. We can expect the Tim Horton's Bridge ("Roll up the bridge to Win...dsor!") in about seven years, complete with six vehicle lanes and possibly one for pedestrians.
· Seven years, six lanes and one 'mutually agreeable' name [MLive]