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Imagining the M1/Amtrak Station as Intersection of Innovation

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When the streetcars of the M1 system mosey north on Woodward Avenue, one their potential stops—listed at Amsterdam Street on some maps—should intersect with Detroit's Amtrak line. The current train station is a squat, pre-fab structure—an especially embarrassing entry point when your city is famous for its abandoned masterpiece of a train station. Here's an interesting alternative.

In an award-winning design, architecture firm Payette imagines what the intersection of these two transit lines might look like if combined with the ambitions of nearby TechTown. Known as "The Nexus," Payette designed a large concourse with a Woodward Avenue storefront, its combined retail, lab and hotel space serving as a "cultural and regional node." With accommodations for busses and shuttles, the M1/Amtrak intersection would be a hub for local transit (further details and designs available on Architizer). While the design is purely hypothetical, the promixity of the rail lines to TechTown presents an opportunity that probably shouldn't be squandered.
· Creating The Nexus For Detroit's Techtown [Architizer]