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Shake Shack and Nike Consider Opening Stores in Detroit

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An interesting article has emerged from the UK, where The Guardian did the usual Dan Gilbert-is-saving-Detroit feature with some added hints that Bedrock never bothered revealing to the city in which they're actually relevant. Here are two companies that Bruce Schwartz, Bedrock's "Detroit Relocation Ambassador," claims are "thinking about" and "considering" making the move to Detroit.

1. Shake Shack: What's a Shake Shack, you ask? It's an NYC-based burger chain (17 locations worldwide) that everyone seems to love. In fact, it's popular enough that their website has a webcam at the chain's original location in Madison Square Park, just so people know how long they'll have to wait in line should a burger craving arise. While known for their quality beef—they're off to a good start in Eater NY's Burger Week—Shake Shack also serves flat-top hotdogs, frozen custard, and BEER.

2. Nike: There have long been rumors of Nike opening a retail shop somewhere in Detroit, but The Guardian tells us the Nike is considering it, for real. While The Guardian mentions a giant NikeTown location, Detroit's tendency to attract miniaturized versions of national brands makes a 20,000-square-foot NikeTown seem unlikely.

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