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Alden Towers Renovated After Surviving the Northern Group

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Remember the bad old days of the Northern Group? They were a group of companies that went on a building-buying spree in Detroit in the mid 2000s, scooping up the Lafayette Towers, the First National Building, the Penobscot, Cadillac Tower, and the Alden Towers. For whatever reason, the Northern Group quickly stopped maintaining the buildings or paying the mortgages, losing all of the structures—now rather worse for the wear—to foreclosure within a few years. The Northern Group was especially neglectful at the Alden Towers, an East Side apartment complex. Reports of squatters, broken heating systems, hallways full of garbage, and elevators offline for months at a time began surfacing. Triton Properties bought the 91-year-old property last August. Renovated rooms, a new lobby, and a new fitness center are already complete, but there's still more planned. Fox 2 News has renovation updates, or check out the Alden Tower's site for some pics and floorplans.
· Denver-based company rehabs Detroit apartment complex [Fox]