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Different Floors, Different Asks, Same Park Shelton Apartment

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Twins! Here we have two nearly identical condos for sale in Midtown's Park Shelton building, units 314 and 714. Both are studios, both have fireplaces, and both are searching for new owners. Interior-wise, the only difference we can see comes from the kitchen. You'll find 714 isn't quite as nice as its downstairs counterpart, as the latter has granite. Despite being so similar, their prices aren't quite as tight: $69,900 for 714, $86,000 for 314. If that seems like a lot more to pay for a bit of granite, we ask you to review a past article in which a real estate expert talks about young people happily paying $20K more for granite counters.
· 15 E Kirby St #714 [Trulia]
· 15 E Kirby St #314 [Trulia]

Park Shelton

15 E Kirby St, Detroit, MI