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A Few Blocks From Woodbridge, Ruined Motel Asking $49K

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Over the years, the Economy Inn has attained B-List celebrity status as one of Detroit's more photogenic ruins. It's rather frightening. The hotel's central courtyard is concealed from the street, accessed via a small passage covered in some unnerving, KEEP-OUT-style graffiti. The Economy Inn found itself in last year's tax auction; its 170 x 300 property near Woodbridge earned it a spot in our list of hottest auction properties. Now it's on the market, optimistically asking $49,000. The hotel is completely destroyed in every way possible, so the listing's "needs rehab" remark is like saying the Packard Plant needs rehab—it's basically impossible. Hopefully, its proximity to nearby schools and a building housing the Boy Scouts will send it to the top of the city's demo list.
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