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Preparing for Papa's: First National Building Rips Off Ceiling

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Papa Joe's Gourmet Market is heading to the First National Building, where crews are now in the midst of a dramatic renovation of the building's ground floor. Big Papa will occupy some 15,000 square feet along the Cadillac Square side of the building where Dan Gilbert wants to create an open-air food market of sorts. Bedrock kicked off renovations by tearing down the ceiling we're familiar with, which was covering up the building's original plaster ceiling. Official details are scarce, though displayed renderings depict the new lobby looking sparse and white. Pics of those renderings are in the gallery, which is set up with some photos we took in February for some before/after fun. Papa Joe's hopes to be open late this year or early 2014.
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First National Building

660 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226