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Springtime Listings are Here: Lafayette Park Co-Op Asks $139K

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The Mies van der Rohe-designed co-ops in Lafayette Park are some of Detroit's most desirable properties. Unfortunately for those in the market for Mies, the asking price—$139,900—indicates the sellers are more than aware they're sitting on something special. Despite some of these units humbly asking less than $100K just last year, more recent sales are pushing values skywards after closing above $120K. This one sports a finished basement and the standard three-bedroom layout of 1,400 square feet, all of it illuminated by those gorgeous windows. The interior color choice feels a bit like the home furnishings section at Target , but a bit of paint will negate the insta-migrane brought on by the festive palette. Will this ambitious ask pay off?
· 1351 Joliet [RealComp]