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The Detroit Water and Sewage Department (DWSD) has just come to an unsettling realization: Some 1,200 local businesses haven't ponied up for their stormwater drainage fees for several years. Is it a protest against DWSD's high rates, history of corruption, or fondness for spewing waste into the Detroit and Rouge Rivers? Nope. DWSD simply forgot to charge them for it, which could result in "one-time bills of tens of thousands of dollars." One business potentially affected: John K King's Used and Rare Books. Owner John King mentions receiving a mysterious bill in an otherwise unrelated MetroTimes article earlier this year: "Then the city sent him a bill for $13,661.64 for back charges they suddenly discovered he 'owes.' So far, he says he's failed to reach anybody to talk to him about this." [Crain's, MetroTimes]