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Building by Building, Potential Arena Site Mysteriously Sold

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Three apartment buildings bordering I-75 have been scooped up by a mysterious LLC and their residents given word to vacate with haste. As the Berwyn, Claridge and Bretton apartments are smack-dab in the middle of the future Ilitch Arena fun zone, there's a good chance an Ilitch interest is behind this situation. Should that prove to be the case, history tells us we'll see a demolition before we'll see a restoration of apartments described as "low income." Just to the north, the Detroit News is reporting that a former nursing home on Ledyard and another nearby building owned by a Baptist organization have also recently exchanged hands. As we enter construction season, it'll be interesting to see just how much demolition takes place in order to clear the path for what's almost certainly the future home of the Arena District.
· New owner kicks out residents of low-income apartments in Detroit's Cass Corridor [Detroit News]