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Detroit's Whole Foods Will Have Tables Made of Car Hoods

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[Whole Foods via Facebook]

Crain's Detroit Business visited Detroit's future Whole Foods. Lucky! Along with a few new pics, reporter Nathan Skid tells us the store "looks a lot like any other grocery store does when it's a month away from opening," so hopefully you've seen one of those. After some tedious self-reflection, Skid gives us the good stuff: Detroit-centric decor:

The tabletops in the café are made from old car hoods. A timeline of Detroit events will be proudly displayed above the dairy section. The numbers at the cash registers will be made from old Motown 45s. Car hood tables are definitely something to look forward when the store bursts open on June 5 (see them at Crain's), but some still have their reservations. The article's very first comment, by Luvsthecity: "I hope that the seating is more than just booths. We have a lot of "fleshy" people in Detroit and we need some seating that is table top chairs and a table. We all can't squeeze into those booths!"
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