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Larry Mongo Beat Up By Taggers, Will Shoot Them Next Time

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The tagging in Capitol Park has taken a turn for the worse: Larry Mongo, owner of d'Mongo's Speakeasy, just came out on the losing end of what we imagine was an epic, Mortal Kombat-style rooftop battle with some teenagers tagging the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. After hearing noises on his roof and spying a chubby girl peering at him through a window (she was the lookout), Larry confronted the teens on the roof, who promptly pushed him over and escaped, one by jumping off the roof onto a dumpster. Should they come back, Larry intends on shooting them, probably with his nine millimeter. "I will use deadly force,' says Larry. "Then when one, four, or five of these suburban kids is dead, everybody's gonna get upset — aren't they?" That's probably a solid bet, Larry.
· Bar Owner Says He Was Beaten By White, Suburban Teens [CBS Detroit]