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Superior Interior Beneath a Rooftop Deck at Grinnell Place

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[Photos via McIntosh Poris]

Corktown's Grinnell Place can usually be counted on to have good taste in decor, but this unit is far more than expected. With 1,500 square feet of giant windows and exposed brick, this would be an impressive loft space even without the interior design of Birmingham's McIntosh Poris. But we'll take both. There's all sorts of pleasing redundancy here: two bedrooms, two bathroom sinks, two indoor parking spaces, and two outdoor spaces (patio and roofdeck). The doubling of amenities doesn't yet apply to walkable breakfast spots·Detroit Institute of Bagels is still under construction· but we're sure no one is complaining about having to visit Brooklyn Street Local regularly. Rent comes in at $1,800/month.
· Grinnell Place Lofts [Craigslist]
· McIntosh Poris [Official]

The Brooklyn Street

1266 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48217