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Midtown Swapping Pool of Stagnant Water for 103 Apartments

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Midtown residents received a letter from the city earlier this month, informing them that something called Liberty Stone LLC was looking to get their hands on Stone Pool Park, a nearby recreation area that's partially abandoned. Since then, the City Council gave the plans their non-binding stamp of approval, so it looks like Midtown can look forward to 103 new apartments. Can they also look forward to a big, featureless cube of a building? We do not know yet. But there are some more details about the apartments.
UPDATE: We lifted a blurry rendering from video of the meeting. Awaiting better images from the architect.

The building is a giant: 88,000 square feet, which means its footprint will likely take up just over 1/6 of the total 1.94 acres of the park. Curiously, there's no word of a parking structure, indicating the rear of the lot--where the pool is now--might be destined for surface parking. The apartments are set to be 500 to 1,100 square feet, with starting rent ranging from $650-$700. For comparison, that's slightly cheaper than the Auburn, which (if we remember correctly) was asking between $700-$800 for a studio. The bottom floor will also be retail.

Detroit "closed" Stone Pool Park a decade ago, but didn't declare it "surplus" until just this year. Despite the city's negligence, volunteers have reportedly maintained the playscape section of the part, but volunteers can't exactly take care of an outdoor pool—it's now coated in graffiti and full of nasty. In response to neighbor concerns, the new new development will incorporate a playscape.

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