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Scattered Observations: Interesting City Sights You Sent In

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Photos from across Detroit ping the Curbed inbox on the daily. Unfortunately, some photos don't warrant their own article, while others reveal something we simply don't know the story behind quite yet. Rather than let your photos and efforts drown in a sea of spam (our inbox ain't pretty), we'll be posting them as Scattered Observations in the manner shown here. Feel free to chime in the comments if you have intel to contribute. Otherwise, please keep on emailing us whatever interesting things you come across on your daily adventures, no matter how small. You can be sure that if we don't write about it, it'll at least get a shot in the next Scattered Observations dump.

?The Z Site, Dan Gilbert's parking garage/retail/graffiti building, will one day look like this. Right now it's just peeking above ground level. It should be complete by December.

?30 Clifford now has signage declaring it to be "Louie's Downtown Lounge." While we first heard the name about a year ago, the facade's graffiti is more recent.

?Corktown saw some wild helicopter action a couple week ago, as crews filmed a commercial for Detroit's bid to host the X Games. While filming was done all across the city a couple weeks ago, this photo is apparently a Ford hatchback doing donuts around Michigan Central Station. More info here.

?The Park Apartments have been boarded up for a while now. Their phone number has been disconnected. Anyone know what's going on?

?Ongoing construction inside Gilbert-owned 1520 Woodward.